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Do You Have a Passion for Real Estate That Could Mean a Career Change?


Are you considering pursuing going into the real estate industry as a full or part-time career? Becoming a real estate sales agent takes an investment in time learning the required pre-licensing education so you can pass the state’s required real estate licensing test. Did you know? Employment of real estate brokers and real estate sales agents is projected to grow 10 percent from 2018 to...

A Look at Why Real Estate Sales Agents Enjoy Such a Great Life


When we think of the real estate industry and real estate sales agents, we think of luxury, expensive homes, nice cars and we wonder about all of that money that they make from their sales commissions. What makes their life so great and their income so high? How Satisfied Are Real Estate Agents with Their Career? The fact is that almost all realtors are pleased with their choice in their career...

How to Find a Real Estate School That Offers Both Online Training Courses and Certification


Getting started in the real estate industry and getting your education may seem confusing. The Web has altered the method people find education and learning. This is true for the real estate industry as well. Thankfully, today you’ll discover numerous online real estate schools that provide quality real estate education and certification training in addition to classroom training. In fact...

Ever Wondered What a Real Estate Salespersons Career Is Like?


If someone desires a career in real estate, it is the job as a real estate salesperson that comes into everyone’s mind. It is real estate salesperson we all should think of. To discuss what it meant for real estate salesperson, the job of a licensed real estate salesperson includes showing real property such as the house and bridges together the owner and the customer for the respective...